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You want a beautiful and responsive custom website? We'd love to make that for you. You need a secure and professional storefront to conduct your ecommerce? We can build that, too. You want to grab a top spot in the search rankings to maximize traffic? Let's make it happen.

Our team includes talented graphic artists, flexible programmers, and SEO gurus. We can build anything from simple websites to complex social networks and custom web applications. We cover every detail from logo design to mobile browser optimization. We'll even get you up and running with our reliable hosting solutions.

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When you're selling products or services online, having a professional and secure storefront is vital. Customers buy from stores and brands that they trust. How well you attract your target market and establish this trust has a direct impact on your bottom line.

CLEM focuses on the customer first. That's where your sales come from. We craft your storefront and navigation to make sure that users are not just browsing; they're clicking on the "Checkout" button. Turning visitors into customers is one part of the process. Attracting visitors in the first place is another essential part. We offer a comprehensive suite of ecommerce services, including search engine optimization, to ensure that your store is indexed properly and gets a major boost from search engines.

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Having a beautiful and effective website is critical to your brand. But it's useless if no one ever sees it. Appearance at the top of the search results on Google, Yahoo, or elsewhere can put your message in front of thousands or even millions of eyes. Online marketing and search engine optimization are not things you can afford to ignore.

CLEM specializes in getting you to the top of the search rankings without getting your site banned. We offer a comprehensive approach, including onsite optimization through keywords, meta data and site structure, as well as offsite factors through our dedicated link-building team.

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