We have an array of computer brands ranging from desktops, laptops, minis etc. Alongside sales, we have a dedicated team of computer engineers for repairs and troubleshooting at all times. MORE


There's never been a better time to buy a laptop. Some of today's laptops are as powerful as their desktop cousins, while many pack the on-the-go features of a tablet such as touch screens...MORE


Our Projectors feature quick on and off times, long lamp life and warranties, optional wireless presentation dongles and some even feature onboard file readers so you...MORE


Web designing

Some websites read like an online brochure. That might be an okay approach here and there, but it fails to take full advantage of the business potential of the web. For a greater level of functionality and interactivity, you should take advantage of our custom web application development.


Secure Hosting

Our Secure Hosting and easy-to-use Control Panel make things simple for you, letting you manage your account and keep track of your site's growth. We offer annual hosting packages which include more than enough disk storage, bandwidth allowance, email boxes, FTP accounts, and subdomains.


Security Cameras

Not only can security cameras help catch burglars, they actually help to stop the criminals before they become intruders. Cameras work as a deterrent when would-be burglars see them decide breaking into your house isn't worth the risk. You also want some hidden cameras because a determined burglar may try to block or disable cameras he or she can see.